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Who we are

Protagonist by M, is a new creative studio that beliefs in telling stories in new augmented ways.

Our new label grew like the plants in our office - naturally and through a ruthless process of natural selection. 

As a company founded on the principles of agility, we're not afraid to say that we've failed some - because we've learnt plenty from it. We're not afraid to say that we're tenacious in pursuit of sustainable success - because that's what you want from your partners. We certainly do.

Over the past 15 years or so we've grown to a team of strong creatives, technologists and managers. We’ve evolved, and been fortunate enough to attract those who were curious and driven to produce world-class work.

We start our business relationships with good coffee and a great conversation. Come meet with us, we’ll offer you some delightful refreshments, ask you some questions, and then provide you with a reverse brief free of charge.

If you get the strong impression that you’ve just met the people who are going to help you deliver on your vision, we'll work alongside you in making it happen.

Let’s work together!

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